1.2– Specifications for ATSD Centres

These specifications have almost this incredible feature…
Specifications…  More seriously:

The team and the equipment of a Center answer the following conditions:

1– A Centre, the management of which is assured by a Manager, consists of a workplace and an access to an equipped videoconferences room.

2– The workplace is a place of programming, decision, organization of videoconferences and realization of products for and about them, located in a City of a Country.

3– The videoconferences room:
– Must be able to welcome approximately four speakers and a videoconference Presenter.
– Must be able to welcome an ” involved participation of closeness ” from 5 to 20 participants.
– Has an audiovisual equipment.
– Has a minimal flow of access to Internet of 2 Mb/s.

4– The audiovisual flow of a videoconference organized by a Centre is managed by a Moderator and assured via a computer to which the audiovisual equipment is connected.

5– The participants in a videoconference speak in English. The translation in English of documents produced for and after every videoconference is assured by a Translator.