1.1– Introductory note

Between 2002-06-27 and 2014-05-16, the “Club D2C” and the “Sustainable Built Environment institute – France (S.BE.i-France)” organized 23 national meetings in Paris, separately or together.

The 7th was particularly a success …20031016-D2C-Meeting

But for the organization of new meetings, it is necessary to take into account the significant evolution of the conditions of participation to this type of meetings:
– The economic situation incites to restrict the expenses to attend these national meetings, among which on one hand, the contributions are too often little rich in teachings and the debates with difficulty organisable, and on the other hand the times and the inferred traveling costs rather difficult to accept.
– The maturation of the movement of the actions of “territorial sustainable development (TSD)” creates a serious basis for the holding of “closeness regional meetings” really instructive.
– Internet allows now organizing accessible enough videoconferences so that debates with the non present people on the scene of videoconferences can be established and well organized. Furthermore, Internet allows feeding these videoconferences by an easy exchange of information, before, during and after these ones.

It is now possible to organize videoconferences with characteristics radically more attractive than those of classical meetings:
– An ease of participation in videoconferences, the limit of which is only inferred by that of the efficiency of the advertising about the holding of these videoconferences.
– A capacity of exchange, at the level of the contributions and debates, radically increased by the use of Internet.
– A verifiability of the contents of the videoconferences of the fact that they can take place in the nerve centres of regions where take place actions.
– A possibility of functioning in network of the videoconferences, the limit of which is only inferred by that of the efficiency of the management of the network of the centres of videoconferences.

The theme of these videoconferences will be the “territorial sustainable development (TSD)”, about which “Club D2C”, with Gilles OLIVE and Olivier PIRON, and “S.BE.I-France” have started the development of a theoretical and practical structuring system: the “TSD system”.

It results from all these previous reasons the creation of the “international Agora for Territorial Sustainable development (ATSD)”, an international network of videoconference Centres for TSD.

This network is designed to have a very reactive and participative functioning:
– The Centres can connect, via a common server, the videoconferences they organize simultaneously.
– Private individuals can ask to connect in a Centre to have the status of virtual participant in a videoconference this one organizes.

The objective of ATSD is triple:
– A rigorous debate on the theory and the practice of TSD operations.
– An efficient valuation of the TSD operations and actors.
– An effective system of national movements of TSD operations.

The ultimate objective of ATSD is to support effective national movements of TSD – “effective” because being able to be established on the debate and the improvement of the theory and the practice of the TSD operations control, so allowing to pass of too often easy and sufficient speeches in serious and effective studies of practices.