 1– Presentation:


♦ Contents of the four following chapters:
“1.1– Introductory note”:
The ATSD (international Agora for Territorial Sustainable Development) network has three goals:
A rigorous debate on the theory and the practice of “territorial sustainable development (TSD)” operations, hence the creation of an “international network of videoconference centres”, this network being called “international Agora for TSD” and which would become a real international agora.
An efficient valuation of the TSD operations, hence the creation of an “international library of the network”.
An effective system of national movements of TSD operations, “effective” because allowing to pass of too often easy and self-important speeches in effective and efficient practices.
“1.2– Specifications for ATSD Centres”:
The requirements concerning the ATSD Centres are structured according to three aspects: the Centre management, the videoconference room characteristics, the videoconferences organization conditions.
“1.3–Thematic Basis for ATSD videoconferences”:
Currently, there are ninety-nine themes.
“1.4– Communication Charter of ATSD”:
In particular, it is necessary:
– To take into account three fundamental dimensions of the TSD: economic, societal and environmental.
– To take into account the transversal role of culture in the TSD.
– To establish governance of sustainable territories on democratic practices adopted through experimentation of the TSD.
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