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♦ ATELAB (Atelier-Laboratoire à ENSAPLV):
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♦ About “Grand Paris” project:
Apparently, a very beautiful project:
« Grand Paris is a project to transform the Paris urban district into a big world and European metropolis of the XXIe century, to improve the living environment of the inhabitants, correct the territorial disparities and build a sustainable city. » (Wikipedia).
Basically, a Kafka’s project because, behind this simple but politically sulphurous system
GrandParishide an inconceivable hydra:
« … (Grand Paris) Must not be confused with “Metropolis of Grand Paris” (EPCI including Paris and her inner suburbs), “Paris Métropole” (mixt syndicate of studies), the “International Workshop of Grand Paris” (grouping of public interest in charge of a reflection on Grand Paris), the “Society of Grand Paris” (public institution in charge of the transport network “Grand Paris Express”)… » (Wikipedia).
This hydra would deserve the writing of an lyric text.
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♦ Document:
Note « G. OLIVE, “NT4 – Note sur la structuration des principes et des méthodes”, 2009-01-19 ». This note was drafted for the proposal of the team ” Atelier Castro Denisssof Casi ” made at the beginning of 2009 in answer to the consultation which ended in the creation of the AIGP.
See in French <090119-GJO-GrandParis-NT4>.
♦ 2015-11-19 = “The french societal now”:
Initially (2015-03-13), inaugural videoconference of ATSD of 2015-11-19 was titled: “The societal, the stumbling block of the territorial sustainable development”.
The idea was that: “To be relevant, any territorial sustainable development action must ensure as much societal progress that environmental protection”.
This coming Sunday (2015-12-06), this idea, although just, will be concrete only if we take into account the reality of the “societal”.
Now, in France, we can make three observations:
– The rise of terrorism worldwide: the state of emergency had to be declared after the massacre of Friday, November 13th, 2015 in Paris.
– The slow progression of environmentalism worldwide: the COP21 (the conference of the parties which meets annually worldwide to analyze the progress of the Framework UN Convention on Climate Change) meeting November 30th to December 11th, state of world leaders to try – with difficulties apparently – to agree to limit global warming to 2 °C.
– The positions of the extreme right politicians are manifested forcefully for regional elections in France.
There’s work to do!