 2– Centres:


♦ Preliminary note:
– Name structure of a “Centre” =
For example: “FRA01-Paris” = “FRA: Country (ISO 3166-1 alpha-3) where is the Centre”, “01: Number of creation of the Centre in the country” and “Paris: City where is the Centre”.
– Name structure of a “Referent” for a Centre in a country =
For example: “GLP01-R” = “GLP01: Name of the Centre” and “R: Referent”.
Name structure of a “Contact” for the creation of Centre(s) in a country =
For example:USA-C01 = “USA: Country where a Centre will be created”, “C: Contact” and “01: Number of the Contact for the country”.
♦ To contact a Centre representative:
Use the page “Contact” to contact a “Referent for a Centre” or a “Contact in a country”.